Friday, August 2, 2013

Bar Cart Essentials

How to Stock a Fabulous Bar Cart 
Bar Cart Essentials :
~ Liquor of your choice -  Even if you don't drink vodka, your guests might.  Having a variety on hand will be greatly appreciated.  keep a few sparkling pink lemonades, sparkling water or soda on hand..... They are a great offering for those wanting a non alcoholic option, plus, they also make a great mixer.  
~ Have glasses close at hand.  Whether a low ball, high ball, old fashioned, wine glasses... have a set of glasses within reach.
~ Add some straws or stirrers in case a guest would like their drink stirred... not shaken.  
~ Fresh lemons and limes
~ Olives for martinis
~ Bottle openers for beer
~ A shaker for mixed drinks
~ A small bowl of appetizer nuts
~ A Bucket of ice for mixed drinks
~ Fresh flowers, books, personal trinkets and candles will add a designed layer

My Bar Cart

 I bought my bar cart on Craigslist for around $40.  The above arbis corbels are from the RH Gallery in Edina.  I then headed to my local hardware store and bought glass to complete my shelf for our bar glassware. 

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