Monday, November 4, 2013

Vanity Storage

Diptyque Baies candle holder
Any of you gals know how cluttered your vanity can become from all your makeup, brushes, bottles of nail polish, perfume,  hair accessories and all your basic beauty products.  I love having my vanity organized and I love it even more when I'm able to display products on my vanity in a fashionable way.  Here are some tips for organizing and keeping your vanity space clutter free. 
Organizing your makeup brushes in re-purposed candle jars is a classy way to display your brushes.  It's always best to store your brushes vertically and you use rice or coffee beans to stand your brushes up straight so that the heads don't touch each other. 
organized makeup brushes in repurposed candle jars
Another cheap way to store your makeup brushes is using mason jars.  Plain or painted....... either way you use them you'll love the way your brushes are displayed!
Mason jars makeup storage @Kylie Cope  but for kitchen
Antique pewter or metal vases/cups work well for brush storage. Not only do they look elegant you can probably find them cheap at your local antique store or your grandmothers attic.
Julep glasses for bathroom essentials.
I'm really loving these lipstick organizers from Anthropologie. What a great way to display all your colors!
Organize your lipsticks!
cute for a vanity
Trays are a great way to contain your beauty products and make them seem a little more organized.  Trays work well for perfumes, jars of brushes, jewelry and sunglasses.  Adding fresh flowers can up the feminine appeal to your vanity space and are great to wake up to in the morning.
faux-python tray, antique silver brushes, and mini cologne bottles | Laurann Claridge | Lonny
 display your baubles in a tray

Storage jars for cotton balls and q-tips add a perfect touch to the top of your vanity.  Used candles jars (I favor anthropologies candle jars) or the traditional glass/apothecary jars that you can find at Target, Crate and Barrel or RH will up the appeal factor for storing the basic beauty swabs.
The Baker's JarGlass Canisters Set of Three in Bath Put your body care set, cotton pads, soups in jars and turn them to a pice of art "beautiful display and storage". I also put my toner "rose water"  in a decanter is int elegant !

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