Friday, December 20, 2013

Entertaining For The Holidays!?..... It's All In The Details

 At Home: Holiday Entertaining
1. Stock your bar with your favorite Holiday cocktails.
Pure Country Christmas Farmhouse | Holiday Details: Portable Bar | 
2. DIY holiday napkins.  Add a little green and spice!

basil green pencil: Christmas Details: DIY Napkin Rings 

3. Add a tray filled with festive goodies for decor appeal.  Having a scent fill the room before guests arrive is key!  Bring in the outdoors with different greens.  Add holiday appetizer plates ( I bought these porcelain holiday plates at target last year after the holiday season when they were 70% off).  Mix your textiles by adding linen napkins for guests to use.  Last, open up your holiday cookbook to one of your favorite holiday meals you made for guests to enjoy.

4. Up the appeal of hot chocolate with candy cane spoons. Find them at Micheal's craft store.  You could make a chocolate bowl for your guests ice cream. Find the DIY here!
 Edible peppermint candy cane spoons! I want to have one to eat my Peppermint Edys ice cream with. Mm!

5.  Here's a great DIY project for Holiday decor.  Find large or small pinecones in your area and spray paint them gold.  With in minutes you have something to fill your centerpiece.
Find them on the ground...put them in the oven on 350 for about 40 mins to debug. Spray Gold....Free gold pinecones
Courtesy: Pinterest

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