Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tis The Season For Sparkle!

 'Tis the season for sparkly statements!  It's that time of year when wearing glitter and shine makes you stand out from the crowd.  The Holidays is the perfect time of year to bring your sequins out of your closet.  Here are a few rules to stick by to ensure you look Fabulous and not like another Christmas tree.
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1. Be Ironic - Pair a sequin sweater or jacket with a pair of distressed denim.  The will make your outfit look effortless and like you're not trying too hard.  You can also pair a sequin sweatshirt with a casual skirt or vice versa..... pair a sequin skirt with a cable knit sweater.  This is a fun way to be casual and dressy all at the same time!
 gold and glitzy... (usually no, but im going through a glitter phase, so i love this)copper sequinssequins

2. Mix It Up - Use different textures and levels of casualness.  Pair a sequin pant with a silk top or jersey top.  You can also pair a sequin top with a baggy trouser.  Make sure and mix your fabrics and your prints to give yourself an elevated look.
 Flannel & Sequins
3. Accessorize - Sequin heels/flats or a sequin clutch added to any outfit might just be the perfect amount of sparkle.  This is where you can add bright versions of gold, silver & bronze to really make them pop next to your casual attire.
 DIY glitter shoes!
REVEL: Gold Sequin Heels

4. Matted Sequins -   Shiny in spirit but low in luster! Afraid of sparkle? Wear your sequins in a matte finish and you won't go wrong!
 Matte Sequin Top - interesting mix of sequins.
 matte sequins

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