Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Your Boyfriend's Back

Boy.friend A sturdy twill jean that is tight around the rear, but relaxed in the legs.

Fit matters. Boyfriend denim is meant to be loose, but they still need to fit,  If you can pull them off without the button, they're too big.  Make sure that they fit properly through the waist, and that they're not too baggy in the thighs.

Structure helps. Pair your baggy boyfriend denim with a fitted tee.  An over-sized tee or sweater may be too much.

Be girly.  Pair your boyfriend denim with feminine pieces. A floral appliqued tee or a ruffled blouse.

Add a belt.  A wide belt will give your waist definition and help balance the looser silhouette of the denim.

Keep cuffs messy.  The cuff on your denim shouldn't be crisp, it should be more of a roll.  Don't try too hard to make this perfect.

Courtesy:  Pinterest

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