Monday, June 24, 2013

DIY Cap Toe Tutorial

A Cap Toe appeals to the modern women.  It takes the classic heel and gives it an edge.  This look has found a place in my closet.

So instead of investing in a new pair of Cap Toe heels I thought it would be adventurous to take an older pair of heels and make it a great DIY project. A while back I bought a grey pair of heels at a resale shop for $10 and I thought these would be the perfect pair to experiment with. I also had a pair of Steve Madden cheetah flats that I was beginning to become a bit bored with........ and thought these too would be the perfect pair to jazz up!

 What You Need:
1. A pair of shoes
2. Masking tape
3. A paint brush
4. Acrylic paint

Start by taping off the toe of your heel....... making sure to press firmly!

Next, use your white acrylic paint for the first layer. Let dry for a couple hours and finish with two coats of the color you've chosen. Make sure and peel tape off a little before paint is fully dry...... this makes for an even finish.

Go ahead and give it a try!

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