Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rugs - The Center Piece To A Great Room

Choosing a rug for your space can be quite challenging and daunting but can also be a very exciting purchase.  When you're investing in a rug you must decide if you're looking for comfort, color or durability.   A great rug should ground your space and be the focal point to any well designed room...... think of a rug as the heel to your perfect outfit!  Here are a few of my favorite rug styles........ you won't go wrong with any of these rugs because they are classic, timeless and transitional.

Persian/Kilim Rug - Kilim rugs are one of the oldest design traditions in the world, making vintage Kilims are sought after pieces in the design world, often having a hefty price tag.  Persian rugs are native to the middle east.  These rugs bring color, depth and warmth to your room. 

 kilim rug and pillows!

kilim rug and bench

Kilim rug and window coverings

Moroccan Rugs -  are the weaves, carpets, and textiles that have been traditionally hand-woven in Morocco.  Traditionally, Moroccan rugs have been woven by tribal people for their utility rather than for decorative purposes....... these rugs have been sot after in the west for years and are considered the finest examples of folk art.

  Wish I could find a sofa like that that was slightly taller and slightly less wide. Wish I could afford a customer leather sofa, I guess! (Montauk House by Roman and Williams)

Domino Magazine Moroccan Rugs | DeSmitten

moroccan home 

Natural Fiber Rugs -   Natural fiber rugs are woven from durable threads that range from sisal, wool, sea grass, mountain grass or jute.  Sisal is a popular choice for many, these rugs are resistant to most stains and repel dust and static making them perfect for a high traffic area.  These rugs are very easy going, highly sought after and work in any space. 

 Rustic farmhouse dining room mixes different materials (wood table, metal chairs, wicker armchairs, and natural fiber rug).
Care and Maintenance - Natural Fiber Rugs 
 Natural Fiber Rug Image

Hide Rugs -  Hide rugs are made of any animal hide.  These rugs can be accent rugs by themselves or placed over another natural fiber rug.  On their own or layered these rugs can steal the show. 

Beautiful, functional lounge configuration. Elisabet Aarhus photography.
♅ Dove Gray Home Decor ♅ casual gray living room. Roman shades over baseboard heat, gray walls, white trim, white hide rug, dark wood floors, gray furniture 
Add a hide rug in the foyer - duh!

Here are a some of my favorite places to shop for rugs.

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